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I was wondering about Parsons too. I have some kept in the freezer for when my weekly Rye Bakery loaf runs out. To me it doesn't necessarily taste like "real" sourdough but it's much nicer to eat that the fake sourdough from co-op, tesco, etc (they are really not nice!!) Another awesome article Hugh, thanks :) Rye Bakery are going to do some tours and tastings at their growing site for the Somerset Food Trail, can't wait to visit!

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May 18, 2022·edited May 19, 2022

I sometimes wonder how supermarkets are allowed to get away with calling what they sell 'bread'. I sincerely believe it's one of the primary foods making people ill on a mass scale.

I got into bread-making several years ago when I learned to make pizza dough from a Jamie Oliver book. From there I progressed to making loaves and rolls, and while I'll never be a master baker, I now make bread on a weekly basis. Sadly I don't have the time for sourdough, but Matthews Cotswold flour and Saf Levure dried yeast are excellent ingredients and make for a tasty, healthy loaf.

For me, bread-making is a hobby with the side-benefit that what I bake tastes so much better than supermarket bread and it's far healthier too. I do fear that inflation is going to push more people towards ever poorer-quality foods as they struggle to make ends meet.

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